Monday, December 22, 2008

New York 2008 - Our Thanksgiving Vacation

It's official we LOVE New York!

This scary thing is from the game Candyland (Skye's gettin it for Christmas!)
The whole fam!
Check out this sweet hummer limo. No, we didn't roll in this, but the driver let us look inside, and man was it cool!
Skye was actually posing in front of the M&M and we took a couple of pics, and then she said that she wanted to "hold him". She loved sitting up there.

Last year Robbie's family took us to New York for Christmas, and this year we got to go for Thanksgiving! It was so much fun, we got to see the Macy's Day Parade up close, go shopping with the million other people there for the parade, and take in the holiday sights and sounds. Thanks so much Mom and Dad for taking us, it was so much fun!

American Museum of Natural History

We got to go the American Museum of Natural History. It was so cool! My favorite part was the dinosaur bones! Those things are huge! The herd of elephants was pretty cool too! Skye loved the whole thing. She would just grab your hand and go from exhibit to exhibit. She'd spend about 30 seconds at each one, but didn't miss one!

Check out this close up of Skye's face in the elephant photo!


Wintuk is a sweet Cirque Du Soleil type performance. It was amazing, there were so many sweet talents we were just in awe the whole time. There were a couple of amazing skaters, bikers, skateboarders, trapeze artists, flexible people (whatever they're called) and so much more. Skye totally loved it because there was lots to watch. I highly recommend this performance; and it was at Maddison Square Gardens, so that was way fun to see.

This is how excited we all were to see the show! :)

The amazing cast. Those dogs are people, they really acted
and moved like dogs, even while doing stunts! Impressive!
At the end, tons of snow flakes fell from the celing throughout the whole audience!

Like "Where's Waldo", but Where's Robbie?

More NY Fun!

Macy Day Parade!

We got to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade from our hotel window at the Mariott Marquee in NYC! It was so much fun to see the whole parade, and Skye loved seeing Dora and all the princesses!

You know how when you go to a concert, you can weasle your way to the front row? Well here at the Macy's Day Parade, it's a little different! With over a million people here there was no way we could even get close to the front unless we wanted to camp overnight!

Ok, so there's a funny story that goes along with this picture! See the golf cart just to the right of Robbie? While we were posing for this picture, this golf cart ran Robbie's leg over! Now I'm not really sure how it happened, but Robbie had tire prints half way up his calf! They were clearing the people out of the streets after the parade, and were taking out people as they went!

Monday, December 15, 2008

OuR pRiNcEsS FoR a dAy

The Cake!

She didn't make quite the mess this year!

Skye's birthday this year accidentally had a princess theme! Everything was pink and purple and so girly! She loved every second of her day! She got lots of fun presents from the family, and had a great party. She was so stinkin much fun to watch open her presents! She is just so animated, it didn't matter what the gift was, she was extatic! Her favorite part, though, was the cake. I made cupcakes for everyone, and when I tried to give Skye hers, she wanted nothing to do with it! She only wanted her cake, so I gave her a scoop of ice cream, and a slice of her cake, and she sat at the table and enjoyed it for at least 15 minutes, never saying a word, just loving life.

Monday, December 1, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAY SkYe!!!

Shout out to my little Skye on her 2nd birthday! She is so much fun to have around. We just love every minute we get to spend with her. She is so well behaved and such a doll. She is always happy; some kids are morning kids, and some kids are night ones, but honestly, Skye is both! I am so lucky to get to hang out with her every single day! What a joy she is in our lives.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy To You!

These are the faces of the cutest birthday girl ever! She was so cute opening her presents!

After we went to the Zoo, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Z's for the weekend. They wanted to give Skye her birthday presents since they wouldn't see her on her birthday! She loved her "Happy To You"! I am so sad, I got these sweet pictures, but her favorite present from Grammy and Grandpa was her Barbie she named "BUBBA". She was exstatic. She won't quit talking about her presents! Thanks Grammy and Grandpa!

Like Grandpa like Granddaughter...What?

My dad was playing Rockband, and Skye started out dancing to the music, until she spied the other guitar. She was so stinkin cute! She was even strumming the neck of the guitar like you're supposed to...kind of.

Hurricane 18, Juan Diego 21

Saturday we went to show our love for the Hurricane Football team. Several of Robbie's priests play on the team, so we wanted to go support. It was such a close game! It was tied at 18 with 50 seconds left, and then Juan Diego was able to drive it down close enough to make a field goal! Bummer, it's been 20 years since they've been in the State game, and 60 years since winning the State Championship, and that was 6 man football! It would have been fun, but they did a good job.

Utah's Hogle Zoo

After the state game Robbie wanted to take Skye to the zoo. Since her favorite movie right now is Madagascar, she loved seeing "Mailman" and "Marty". She just loved seeing all the animals. Her favorite thing was to walk by herself and not be held. I guess she's growing up! It was chilly there, but that was ok because there were no people! Robbie kept feeding the animals, that's why the bears are out! I'm pretty sure you can get kicked out for that! Oops!

The BIG night!

Someone needs to remind me why we don't do Ladies Night more often! It was so much fun! There were about 15 of us girlies. We went to dinner, and then headed over to the theater at about 10:30. We had an insider at the theater to tell us how long the line was. This was our spot that was claimed at 10:00! I can't imagine how long the people around the corner waited! The theater was nuts, everyone was saving seats. As for the movie, I really liked it and want to see it again. No question there were cheezy parts and parts that were a lot different than I imagined while reading the book! I am going to take Robbie to see it as soon as all the hype dies down!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight Girls Night!

Ok, so tonight all the girls are going to Twilight. We are going to dinner and then the midnight showing. The boys get to watch the kids, which is my favorite! I'm going to make a prediction, and hopefully Robbie doesn't read this before tonight, but I'm predicting that he and Skye go and hang out at Oma's house! We'll see if I'm right, I'll let you know! :) Now, I'm not going to lie, I am excited for the movie, but I think that more than that, I'm excited for a girls night out! I am really hoping the movie is good so that I can take Robbie and have him not think that I'm quite the dork that he thinks I am for being excited. I'll let you know!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

That's what little girls are made of!!! No joke, I took the mascara pic Monday, and the nail polish one Tuesday! She really likes to be pretty! How can you get mad at her for that!? Robbie makes fun of me because she got a spank for spilling the elastics, but just got pictures taken in both of these instances. OOPS!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Cute!

Ok, so I have the funniest story! Last night when Robbie got home from work I held up Skye's elastics, and said "Remind me to tell you a story about these." Right after I said that Skye said:
Skye: "I spill lastics"
Robbie looks at me and we both laughed.
Mom: "Then what happened?"
Skye: "Mom spanka my bum."
Mom: "What happened after that?"
Skye: "I go bed!"
So, that is really how the story went! It was so cute though, because I sent her to bed because it was naptime anyway, and she had a great nap. When she woke up she came in the kitchen and the first words out of her mouth were "I spill lastics." I said "Yep, that's why you went to bed. Do you want to help me clean them up?" They were strewn all around the living room. She said yes, and as we were walking into the living room, she was holding my hand and said "Sorry Mom." She is such a doll!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Little Bumble Bee

Ok, it's official, I will never procrastinate making Skye's costume ever again. I waited till Halloween Day! It really takes all the fun out of the day. I think I will really just end up buying her costumes from now on. I can't imagine what this day will be like when I have 4 little rascals to dress up! We had a ton of fun though. We started the evening by going to the mall to "trit or treat" and get lots of "tandy". She loved it, however, she wouldn't let the people put the candy in her bag, they had to put it in her hand so she could put it in her own bag. After that, we went over to Opa's house to have his famous homemade chili. It was incredible. Opa did his best to thuroughly scare all the grandkids. He put on his "montey suit" A.K.A. the gorilla suit, and scared them any way he could, from ringing the doorbell and having them answer it, to sneaking outside and pounding on the windows. Skye had a blast and slept really well that night, when she wasn't waking up with nightmares!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Monday night we went to Thriller at Tuacan (however you spell it). Sadi hooked us up with sweet tickets. We had never seen it, and it was a blast! It made me more sad than ever that I didn't take dance! All the numbers were great, I would still like to know how the skeletons did their moves!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Store

Ok, so we went to this Halloween store in SLC. We decided that we had better get Skye used to all of the scary things that come with Halloween. We were surprised, usually she is a real wuss, but she actually did really well. She was scared of these babies, as would be the case for any 'normal' human being. When we told her they were just babies, and fake, she was fine! I think that it subconciously traumatized her though, because at least once a day she says "I hold 2 babies mom! Just fate! (fake)

I can't believe she is really kissing this alien head! Check out what Sadi found in the meat department! They had all kinds of body parts on styrofoam plates wrapped like they were straight from the butcher! Wow, it was so creepy! We had a blast though, and I think Skye is a little more prepared for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last weekend we went up to Lagoon because I've never been there during frightmares. We thought Skye would be really scared, but she loved it. Of course it helps that Robbie won her several big stuffed animals. We were debating whether to go or not because it was stormy, but I lost. I am really glad we went, because although it was cold, there was no one there! Almost every ride we went on, we could have gone again and again. I never knew how big and cute the kids area was till we took Skye. They have so many darling rides for kids. Skye couldn't figure out how to make all of the rides go up and down, so she just rode in circles. Next year. Her favorite rides were the dragon rollercoaster, and the boats. We went to the haunted houses too. They were pretty good. I am glad we didn't take Skye, because Robbie wouldn't even stay with me! We had a blast and it didn't start raining/snowing till we were ready to leave at about 6pm. What a blast!


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