Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One thing I love about good 'ol Hurricane!

Our next door neighbors have horses...in their backyard!

Seconds after this picture was taken Skye took off her hat because it kept hitting the boys in the head, and held it out to the side.  Biscuit saw the hat and got spooked.  He started doing the crazy horse hop/run thing that spooked horses do!  (you can tell I didn't grow up with horses :)  Weston held onto the reins, Skye held onto her hat, and luckily Bronson held onto Skye.  3 good hops later, and they were all safe.  We thought for sure that her first horse experiance was going to end bad, but she didn't want to get off.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Birth Story

My doctor let me go 8 days early.

5:30 am Hospital calls
6:30 Arrive at hospital
8:30 All checked in and getting my petocin
9:30 Got my water broken
10:30 Dilated to a 5 got the epidural
11:00 Robbie leaves to get Skye dressed and I nap.
12:00 Dr. checks me and says, "She's completed."
12:01 Nurse calls Robbie and says, "You better hurry back, we're going to have a baby!"
12:36 Three sets of pushes, and Davyn Dias was born

Loved it! 
Seriously, so easy this time!

Love her!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best Big Sister Ever!

Skye has been the biggest helper since we got Davyn.  I was pretty worried about her being jealous of Robbie and me spending so much time with Davyn.  She has suprised me in that I really think she likes Davyn more than she likes us!  She is always putting Davyn before herself.  When we go to the store, everything she sees, she tells me we should buy her sister.  I even mention that Davyn might be stinky, and she has the diapers and wipes there in 2.2 flat.  She is wonderful! Thanks so much Skye, you make my life easier!

Dav's First Bath

Skye, Meet Your New Sister Davyn

Love at First Sight!

Santa Herself

Robbie was Santa at the Ranch this year, and Skye thought she was "So Cute" in his wig.  So do I!

Christmas Morning

"Oh My Gosh!!! Santa ate all of the brownies!!"

Santa's Visit

The anticipation is killing this cute girl!
He's finally here!
Now I'm not so sure...
Diggin in
Look what Santa brought!!! 
Thanks So Much Santa!


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