Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Football Eyes"

I know what you are thinking, Skye got into my mascara again! Wrong!! This time she got into her dad's makeup :) Robbie came home from football the other night and had the black lines under his eyes, and Skye said she wanted some "football eyes" so Ricky wiped his off and put it on her. She just loved that, so the next day, she was being quiet as she often would when she is getting into trouble, so I called her name. She came in to me looking like this saying "Mom, look at my football eyes!" She was so excited, how could I have gotten mad at her. She found Robbie's black stick, and went to town!

Disneyland 2009

The Pictures...

The Incentive!!!

The Result

She was super scared of the characters! We finally had to bribe her with this sucker to get her to even stand by herself! Throughout the park she would say "Find Mickey to let him hold me!" That's what she had to do to get the sucker. Let's just say she wouldn't let Minnie hold her, but this got her the sucker!

Havin a Blast!

My Little Surfer!

The Rides!

Stacia and I made the boys test out this ride to see how wet you get on it. Apparently Ricky got wetter than Robbie! (Stacia and I didn't ride it :)

Notice I'm not in the cup! I don't do spinning rides, especially with Robbie! Skye loved it though.

These people weren't even real, and she is still scared!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I was doing laundry the other day, and quit for a minute, and Skye came walking in with my sports bra on. She was so excited and she asked me to take pictures of her! What a goof!

Hide and Seek

Skye is getting such a cute personality! She always wants to play hide and seek, and is getting to the point where she'll find her own spots! This is her latest favorite spot. I was working on the computer, and she came in and said "hide" and got in the box and said "put the lid on, Mom!" It was so cute, and it really took Robbie a long time to find her. She's fun! (I know it's small, if you click on it, it gets bigger.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jay Cuttler

Everyone always talks about all the famous people they see in the airport, and we finally did too! When we were in the Vegas airport heading to NY we saw Jay Cuttler. He was Mr. Olympia a couple of years in a row! This picture doesn't do him justice, he was HUGE!!! The boys were so excited to talk to him, and he was way cool to talk with. (late post, I know!)

Sweet huh?!?


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