Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nature Lover

Skye just loved the whole time at the ranch because she loves being outside. No matter what she's doing, from playing in the rocks, playing in the sand, or just running around. She is so much fun!


Our family has a secret tree swing at the ranch! Shhhhh don't tell anyone! The boys spent all day Saturday putting it on this branch of a tree that is 50 ft. high. Who knows how they got it up there, but it is awesome! You stand on this ledge, and have to jump off the ledge to get up onto the swing. It is freaky! So you jump out off the ledge, and go over this small stream. You are seriously, no exaggeration, 15-20 ft. off the ground when the swing isn't moving! It was such a blast!!!

Four-Wheeling to the Indian Writings

On our property we have some sweet Indian writings carved on a rock and they are totally authentic! We took ride out there to check them out. Skye was out after 5 minutes of this ride. She did wake up when we got there though!

Robbie, Carly, and Shae

She woke up when we got there and enjoyed the rest of the ride back!

Terry Family Reunion at the Ranch!

Every year we go to the Terry Ranch the weekend after the 24th to have our family reunion. We had so much fun hangin out with all the fam. Skye was loving this swing at Uncle Ron's trailer, it is just her size...until she fell off of it.

We had so much fun just sitting around visiting with everyone!

We went out and shot glass bottles. Robbie looked the best while doing it, but I hit the most targets!

Monday, July 28, 2008

24th Fun!

We thought it would be fun to take our kids to the park to check out all the booths, and participate it the foot races. Aparently my bribe wasn't good enough, because Skye never even crossed the starting line! We had a lot of fun taking them fishing, getting snow cones, and playing on the playground.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bubbles and Giggles

Skye's favorite thing to do is take a bath in our bath tub with lots of bubbles! Most of the time she makes a huge mess, but all the laughing makes the clean-up worth while.
So many bubbles so little time!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Island Park Day 1

Yellowstone National Park

Stopping to have a drink at this natural drinking fountain

We paid extra for this show!

Bear World

I'm not sure who's having the most fun on this ride!

Fish Farm Snake

Robbie gave Skye the snake and told her to give it to her mom! You notice there are no pictures of me holding it! The snake is seriously wrapped around her wrist!
Skye is throwing the snake back into the water


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