Saturday, March 19, 2011

Davyn turns 1!!!

 Ok, and now for the AWESOME cake that DAD made!  Yes, you read that right, Robbie made this cake!  I cooked the cake, and he totally frosted the whole thing!  He rocks!
 So good right!?  Guess all of those episodes of Cake Boss paid off!
 Couldn't wait when there was fire on it.
 Not so sure when given the go-ahead.

Got her foot in it - Hated it!  Apparently we've discovered her pet peeve.  Dirty feet!
Of course it wouldn't be a Dias birthday if others didn't get to enjoy the cake as much as the birthday girl!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Snow Canyon Caves 10-2-10

We went to the Snow Canyon Caves - all of us!  It was quite the adventure lifting and lowering all of the kids into the opening.  Once we were inside, it was a blast.  It would have been even more fun if we had remembered to bring flashlights!  Oops!

 While we were all getting out, it started to downpour.  We all rushed back, but had to snap one last picture of the beautiful Snow Canyon Mountains!
I think that's a raindrop!

Davyn at 14 Months

Davster is my little TERROR! 
I had it really good with Skye because she never got into anything.
Dav never doesn't get into things. 
If I get after her for one thing, she doesn't mind the discipline, just crawls straight over to the next mess she is going to make.  Makes me crazy.
Skye hated a little swat on the bum, and it doesn't even phase Dav.
Sheesh, what am I going to do?!?!
I am sure there will be pictures of her great messes to come.

Dav has the 4 teeth on top, 4 on bottom, PLUS 4 molars!  
She is a teething machine.  
Non-stop runny nose.

She hates a dirty diaper.
When I ask if she wants her diaper changed, she pulls at her pants.

Loves the bath.
When asked if she wants one she says, "ba." while pulling at her shirt.

No one can make her laugh like Skye.  
She loves it when Skye tickles her feet, or blows on her belly.

Started waving for Hi and Bye.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Cute Skye

Skye does cute things daily, but some I would be so sad if I didn't remember.  Today was one of those days.  This was actually between her and her dad.  We have this Princess Cookbook, and she LOVES it!  She asks to look at it all the time.  Today I was making cookies, and she spied the book.  She asked to look at it, and I said, "You need to look at it with Dad."  I don't think Robbie has ever experienced 'the book' with her before.  So they sat at the kitchen table, and she EXCITEDLY showed him recipe (picture) after recipe.  More excited about each one than the last, if that's possible.  After a few recipes, Robbie said he had to go to the bathroom.  He went in, and seconds later, she was at the door telling him about the next recipe.  She would tell him about it, and then put the book under the door so he could see the picture.  Then she would pull it out and tell him about the next recipe, then under the door.  Then, she slid the book under the door and said leave it right there, I have to go to the bathroom. :)  After they were both done, she made him start back at the beginning and show him every one.  Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me for her next birthday!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Swimming 8-20-10

We went swimming for FHE and the girls loved it!  We went to the Washington Community Center.  What a blast.  Dav loved this swing so much, I couldn't take her out.  Skye went on the hydrotube over and over again!  We need to go there more often!

Our 19 Week Ultrasound

When we went to the ultrasound to find out the gender of this baby we were pretty excited.  Having 2 girls, we weren't getting our hopes of having a boy up.  We were both counting on another girl.  Our tech was looking around, and he was in weird positions, so we just kept looking.  She held on one spot, and we both just looked at the screen.  We both knew what we thought we saw, but just stared.  Finally I said, "Is it a boy?"  She said it was and Robbie jumped out of his chair and yelled, "It's a boy!" it was so cute!  His little yell totally scared the tech.  When I had my appointment with Dr. Lunt, a week later, he asked if Robbie had gotten over the excitement.  I am so excited to be having a boy.  I don't really talk about him because it is so weird.  I am nervous to see how it changes the dynamic of our family.  We all have a hard time saying the words brother, son, him, he, etc. they just sound out of place.  In the morning Robbie says bye to his girls, what will he be saying soon?  I don't know how/where to shop for a boy, girls are so easy, and I am a girl.  Boy diapers?  Really?!?!  Don't know how to change 'em.  Exciting times are ahead!  Can't wait to meet him, and see which of his sisters he looks like.  Still deciding on a name.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bike Parade

 In Pre-School they learned about transportation.  They had a bike parade to show off the decorations they made for their bikes.  Skye got this big bike 2 days before the parade, and did great!  It was much bigger than most of the other bikes.  She is so stinkin cute!


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