Thursday, October 30, 2008


Monday night we went to Thriller at Tuacan (however you spell it). Sadi hooked us up with sweet tickets. We had never seen it, and it was a blast! It made me more sad than ever that I didn't take dance! All the numbers were great, I would still like to know how the skeletons did their moves!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Store

Ok, so we went to this Halloween store in SLC. We decided that we had better get Skye used to all of the scary things that come with Halloween. We were surprised, usually she is a real wuss, but she actually did really well. She was scared of these babies, as would be the case for any 'normal' human being. When we told her they were just babies, and fake, she was fine! I think that it subconciously traumatized her though, because at least once a day she says "I hold 2 babies mom! Just fate! (fake)

I can't believe she is really kissing this alien head! Check out what Sadi found in the meat department! They had all kinds of body parts on styrofoam plates wrapped like they were straight from the butcher! Wow, it was so creepy! We had a blast though, and I think Skye is a little more prepared for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last weekend we went up to Lagoon because I've never been there during frightmares. We thought Skye would be really scared, but she loved it. Of course it helps that Robbie won her several big stuffed animals. We were debating whether to go or not because it was stormy, but I lost. I am really glad we went, because although it was cold, there was no one there! Almost every ride we went on, we could have gone again and again. I never knew how big and cute the kids area was till we took Skye. They have so many darling rides for kids. Skye couldn't figure out how to make all of the rides go up and down, so she just rode in circles. Next year. Her favorite rides were the dragon rollercoaster, and the boats. We went to the haunted houses too. They were pretty good. I am glad we didn't take Skye, because Robbie wouldn't even stay with me! We had a blast and it didn't start raining/snowing till we were ready to leave at about 6pm. What a blast!

As I Was Saying...

Ok, so I was doing my last post and Skye was being really good. She was right behind me, so I knew she wasn't doing anything real terrible. I thought wow, she's being really good, I wonder what she's doing. I looked back, and she had a pen. She didn't have any paper or anything, so I just took the pen away. Then she said "Sorry Mom" and I saw it!

Skye's 2nd favorite pastime! (second only to coloring with markers)

Skye loves to color period. She loves to use lots of colors and make a real mess. She is so cute, as much as she loves it, she doesn't love to do it alone. She loves playing with her cousin Ryan.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What if...

After seeing this photo, I am really glad that I have a husband that likes to workout! Currently Robbie is training to play for St. George's Football team. He has recently gotten into cycling. Last Saturday, when my family was here, the boys rode from our house in Hurricane to the condo in Green Valley! 35 miles! Hopefully this picture will keep him motivated! :) Right now he's probably wondering where my motivation is!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Skye "painted" her own nails

I made the mistake of leaving Skye to "write" to Uncle Colby. When I came back I found that she had "painted" her own fingernails. She really used the pen to color her nails. I guess I should be proactive and paint them for her!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Skye's New "Hat"

I saw this wig and thought it would be fun. When I got home, I thought it would be fun to try it on Skye. I've always wondered what she would look like with hair :) Turns out, she loved it! She keeps it on for 30 minutes at a time, just wandering around the house. It is hillarious, she calls it her "hat"


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