Thursday, September 29, 2011

End of Summer Ridin'

We got a new Air Chair, so we tested it out the other night!  It is, in fact, very sweet!  We have gone out to Sand Hollow the last two nights after work to test it out.  What a bummer that the summer is coming to an end! 
Dav has been loving the camera lately, and I take advantage of it!
 These two are starting to like each other more often than not!

Classic.....The Flex Off!
 Team Robbie! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our new little guy.

Ok, so our computer died! At first I was freaking out because I have no external hard drive, and have been the worst at getting pics on the blog. (they're safe there right?) So after a vow that I would keep up on my blog if the pictures could be salvaged, I talked to our computer guy, and he said it's just the motherboard, and that the hard drive is fine! Yay! So it will probably be a while till I get access to all of the other stuff. Until then, here are some random pictures of my newest best bud.


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