Monday, July 26, 2010

Fourth of July Swimming

Both of my girls love to swim.  Glad Robbie and I could rub off on them.  We have such a blast together!

A Total Eclipse of the Heart

This night was so much fun!  We started the night at Stari's thinking up all of the fun t-shirt ideas.  Stacia and I knew what we were going to do, so we ran and got Durango's.  We got back and realized that the theater had started seating people, and we hadn't even started!  We just spent our time munching, laughing and... not working.  So we hurried and whipped out these cute t-shirts quick.  Next time we will take advantage, and turn this into two fun girl's nights!  We made it to the theater and actually got to sit all together.  It was so fun to discuss what we loved from the movie and the book. 
Here's our fun group!  Left to Right:  Betsy, Star, Taunie, Me, and Stacia
Don't worry, we were all team JACOB!
Check out my GO GO GADGET ARM behind the girls! :)

Thanks Star so much for planning this fun night, and my fav, the Team Jacob necklace.  I will wear it with pride!

Fourth of July Babes!

I love the 4th of July!  Red, White, and Blue are my favorite colors together.  This year we just partied.  No other way to put it!  Swimming Friday at our friends house, swimming and BBQ Saturday, Sunday chill, and Monday Swimming and BBQ with friends.  Skye is such a good swimmer, she has been swimming without her floaties, and is loving it!  She thinks she is so cool...and she is.  We are so blessed to live in this country where we can just party :)  No worries, and life is good!
After Davyn got tired of taking pictures we were going to go in the house, but Skye wasn't done!  She doesn't usually like do pictures, but she was loving it today!  Thank heavens she wanted more, because these all turned out darling.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Love my weird daughter!

Ok, so this morning Skye wanted to watch a movie.  I named a few... 
Princess Bride

Skye - Hey Mom, is that Pirates? (of the Caribbean)

{It was, but I was thinking, if that's the background to everything I'm doing for the next 2 hours, let's start with number one.} 

Me - Oh, look, here's the other Pirates, let's watch this one!
Skye - Does that one have that scary monster?  
Me - No.
Skye - Then I don't want to watch it, let's watch the one with the scary monster.
Me - Ok!?!?!?!?

This is the scary monster she was referring to!  Seriously, my child is not normal!  Love her!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rated PG-13 for Disturbing Material. Viewers Advised

All those with a weak stomach, EXIT NOW! 
Funny Story:  So, Skye came in from playing in the back yard the other day and started this long excited story, you know the kind.  It went something like this...I think: 

Skye:  Mom!  There is a lizard outside inside a baseball bat!
Me:  Yeah, I bet!?!?!?
Skye:  I was outside and there was a baseball bat, and there is a lizard in it!  You have to come see, it's crazy!
Me: (feeding Dav) Ok, just a minute (partially good intentions to come see what was so exciting)
Enter Amazing Dad
Skye:  Dad! I was outside and there was a baseball bat, and there is a lizard in it!  You have to come see, it's crazy!
Robbie:  No way!  Really?  Lets go see it!
Ok, so it wasn't a baseball bat, but pretty darn exciting, especially for a 3 year old!  Not alive by the way!  Were guessing this poor guy was trying to get through the tennis racket (why would a lizard need to get through the racket?).  When his belly wouldn't quite fit (lizards are chubby?).  He pushed and pushed, but couldn't get through.  I'm not sure if he died because he tore his stomach, or what, but holy cow that's sad.


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