Saturday, October 9, 2010

Riley's Homecoming!

Day 5
Day 5 was such a blast!  We spent the night in SLC, and went to Park City the next day.  We headed straight to the Olympic Park, and rode the 2 ziplines.  One was a good warm-up, and the second one is the steepest zipline west of the Mississippi.  It was seriously so much fun! It is so gorgeous in Park City.  It was a really fun atmosphere.  Skye and Ryan got to ride the Alpine slide too.  She thought it was such a blast.  What an awesome end to an awesome vacation!  Welcome Home Elder Dias!

Friday, October 8, 2010

24th of July @ the Terry Ranch

The only way to keep Robbie happy at a parade. :)
Yes, Grammy is stealing all of the good stuff (Bit O Honey, Cows, and Now and Laters)

The first loot

Smoked the girls.  Had to race again with the boys.  Beat all but 4 of the boys!
Skye really did love this tree swing at the ranch, but she is 30 ft. off the ground and slightly scared!

Nothing about this picture is ok.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, this summer, Robbie built this totally awesome slip 'n' slide out at the ranch.  It is about 30 ft. long, and launches you into the pond. Unless you are me, and then it just kind of spits you off the edge.  He built it for the Summer Celebration for the kids to use, but it was deemed 'unsafe'.  So, classic Robbie, he decides it's perfect for family night with a bunch of our friends! Luckily we all walked away with no serious injuries.

Yes, those are bleachers for all of the spectators.
I am going a lot faster than it looks. Trust me.

Of course, what kind of slip 'n' slide is it without trying a front flip?!?


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