Friday, July 31, 2009

Our California Trip in JUNE!!!

We went to Oceanside CA with my fam, which was a blast! My parents decided that would be fun because Colby got home from Canada in April, and Trent leaves for Argentina in September, so we all loaded up and headed. They stayed at our house Thursday night, and then we drove to Cali Friday morn. Skye thought it was a long trip, but we had fun with her. Here are some of her thoughts!

Six Flags Baby!

So, at Disneyland, the characters weren't a huge hit with Skye, but for some reason she loved them at Six Flags. Possibly because she hasn't seen tons of Disney movies, but she watches all the old Looney Tunes at Opa's house! It was way fun, she would just run from one character to the next! We didn't get tons of pictures of the rides, but here are a few, and the video is MORE THAN WORTH IT! I'm sure you've ridden a ride similar. It's a big boat that swings back and forth and really takes your stomach. Skye rode it 7 times! She loved it, and the operator loved her. Whenever we rode, and there was someone scared, he would tell them to watch her and they wouldn't be scared. We rode at the very back, the most scary seats!
Skye and Grammy

She even hesitantly hugged this scary guy! Who is he anyway???

Chillin at the Condo

My Favorite Temple!

We got to go to the San Diego temple, which is my favorite. Now, after being inside, it is REALLY my favorite temple! When you go there, don't forget to have someone show you the Atrium. It is totally worth it. It is this room, and in the middle of it, there is this huge glass courtyard shaped like the Star of David. Inside this courtyard there are tons of flowers. Even though it is glass on all sides, you can smell the flowers inside the temple. When you look up, you can see all the gorgeous spires.
My brother Trent who is going to Resistancia, Argentina September 2!
My goofy brother Colby who likes to pose for pictures!

Robbie's Birthday

While we were in Cali, we celebrated Robbie's b-day. It's tradition in my family that you get to choose whatever you want for your "cake". Robbie always chooses Banana Cream Pie! It was sweet doing his birthday in Cali because shopping was easy. What more could he want besides a sweet skimboard, and boogie board! Happy birthday Babe! And yes, that is 27 candles!!!

San Diego Padres V.S. Philadelphia Phillys

Wow! The baseball game was so much fun! We didn't realize it was such a big game, but the stands were packed! It was almost as entertaining watching the crowd as the game. There was a huge group of college students sitting above us that were fighting and got escorted out! This first picture is how we got to the game! We had these two guys bike us to the front gate, totally beats walking!

Beach Time!!!

Robbie's ultimate favorite thing to do, ride the waves.
Robbie making it happen on the skim board
What a life, just kickin it on the beach! Uncle Trent chasing Skye

Does life get any better? Cookies and tanning on the beach!

Uncle Colby and Skye, that is her shy smile. She is still pretty
shy since he got home from his mission in April!
Skye's hinder is seriously hungry in this pic!

Monday, July 6, 2009

No 4th Pictures! Bummer!

So, we had an awesome vacation with Robbie's family. I can't say that I forgot the camera, or that the batteries died. I just have to say that I made sure the batteries were charged, memory stick emptied, and I had it with me at all times...and still didn't take ONE picture! How lame is that!? We headed up to Island Park, ID with Ricky and Stacia on Tuesday. We didn't end up leaving till 6:30, so we didn't get there till 4am! We talked to Robbie's parents till about 5am and then went to bed.

We got up Wednesday morning and went to the river. They brought 2 kayaks and a john boat. Stacia and I were in one kayak, and Robbie and Ricky were in the other. Skye went in the boat with Mom, Dad, and Sadi. Races, of course we raced the boys...and won!!! Ok, we did win, but they only had one paddle! It was way fun, everyone fished but us. We aren't the best fisherwomen, and we were worried about hooking eachother, so we just watched. After fishing, we went to Mack's Inn Playhouse, and had an amazing Prime Rib dinner, and watched the play Beverly Hillbillies 90210. It was so much fun, that is one of my favorite things to do in Island Park.

Thursday we got up earlier, and went to the river again. This time Mom and I were in a kayak together, and she really wanted me to get a fish, so she paddled the WHOLE time, and just let me fish! It was way fun even though I stink at fishing! Is there really skill involved, or is fishing really just luck? I did have lots of bites (I think they were bites, it's a definate possibility they were just snags), but I only caught two fish! Last year I did way better. After the river, we got cleaned up and went back to the Playhouse for another night of amazing dinner and hillarious show! We saw Less Miserables. What a blast!

Friday we decided to go to Jackson Hole. It was a beautiful drive, so green with lots of rolling hills. We walked around, and went to several shops, including this amazing candy shop! They had everything you can imagine, I have to say that was my favorite stop! We went to dinner at the Gun Barrel, and headed home! We got back to the cabin, and built a fire outside. We all sat around eating lots of junk, and CHERRY CREAM SODA (Ricky had 7!)

Saturday morning we got packed up and headed back to Idaho Falls. Mom, Dad, and Sadi had to leave after lunch. They were driving to Portland for Sadi's Basketball tournament (she's amazing). The rest of us went to the mall for a while, and then went and saw My Sister's Keeper. Holy cow, take some tissues! I bawled like a baby, Robbie was making fun the rest of the night. He did admit though that if you didn't cry, you don't have a heart. We went to Stacia's bro's house and had an awesome Mexican dinner, and then headed to the fireworks. I guess the Idaho Falls fireworks are the biggest fireworks on this side of the Mississippi. I don't know, but they are huge. We have been every year since we've been married, so I can't even remember what St. George fireworks are like! We spent the night in Idaho Falls, and headed home Sunday morning.

What a fun vacation! Maybe it's good that I didn't take my camera because we all know that I am not much for words! This is by far the most wordy post I've EVER written!! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything!


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