Friday, April 23, 2010

Are you serious?

My girls are really this cute!
Davster is concentrating so hard!
Going down the slide with Uncle Rick
Not scared of anything!

The Easter Bunny found Skye at Grammy and Grandpa's too!

And the hunt is on!
The eggs were hidden everywhere!
Dress #1
Loves 'em like her Grandpa.
Dress #2
The Easter Bunny rocks!

Easter Morning!

The Easter Bunny found the kids at Oma and Opa's house!
Going out back with Opa to find their baskets.  Ryan is a little excited!
Each of them had their own trail of easter eggs to follow.
Check out the goods!
Thanks Mr. Easter Bunny!

Easter Ducky Drop!

This year we took the kiddos to the Ducky Drop!  There were seriously tons of people there, and the kids were so excited they could hardly stand it!  They played for a little while, and then it was time for the drop.  They loaded tons of rubber duckies in the big bucket, and then dumped them out.  Each child got one ducky, and that ducky had a number on the bottom that was associated with a prize.  The prizes were pretty sweet, but the real fun was playing in the pool.  Ryan and Skye have so much fun together. 
Isn't he darling?!

Finally in LoVe!

It has really been a love/hate relationship up to this point!  She is finally starting to watch the mobile, and more than that, she loves to look at herself in the mirror that is up there!  She will stare up for a good half hour, then fall asleep!  Loving it!


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