Monday, August 20, 2012

Raider loving the toy Dav got for her birthday.

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Four wheelin with Ryan and Hallee. Right after this picture, she thought it was a goods idea to ride Ryans motorcycle by herself because he makes it look so easy! Lets just say she wiped out hardcore!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vegas Vacation

The boys headed to Vegas for Kyle's 18th birthday.
Of course the boys had to hit up Caesars Palace and eat at Cheesecake Factory before the night on the town.

They bought unlimited passes to the rides on the Stratosphere.  Some of those rides are just crazy.  They said it was a blast though.  I'm glad they rode to their heart's content, so I don't have to go!

Hangin with MIKE TYSON at the Belagio!!! 

Before they came home they went to the UNLV Boise game.  They had sweet seats on the 40 yardline 3 rows up!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween at DRA

Every year the Ranch throws a huge Halloween Party.  The kids get to participate in activities all day.  The employee's families get to come for the last part and play.  Skye looks so forward to this!

Michael in a harness.......inappropriate?

Pretty much the hottest Fire Fighter I've ever seen!

Stoked out of her mind to be a "wedding girl"

Party Time

A new tradition has been born. It was so much fun we have to do it every year. Next year, BIGGER! Here was this year's crew.

 Introducing:  Michael and Janet Jackson!
Robbie was the DJ for this awesome party.  He made it so fun, calling people out for the games and just saying funny stuff, you know him. 
Dan and Star set up this awesome backdrop so that when the couples walked in, they got their pic taken.  We had the fog machine set up in the front to make it spooky.
Rick, Caleb Steel, Robbie
Stef Steele, Cody and Betsy Kimber, Star

Paul and Cody


Kelby and Kathie Iverson are rocking our last year's Indian costumes!
The game was to see who could put the most HUGE marshmallows in their mouths.  These guys are doing well 4, almost 5...........
Then along comes Kade, with 7!!!
Ok, the next game was so gross.  Maybe just because I had to do it.  We had to eat a whole thing of Bubble Tape, and blow a bubble.  I was a close second.  I think Robbie picked me for this game because he  knows I have a big mouth.  True, but I don't have a strong jaw.

Holly and Jeremy Z
Most disgusting costume award winner!
 Scariest, BY FAR!!!

Dance-off for movie tickets!

Then we circled up and Robbie called out names of people to show us their moves, high school style.  Some people seriously surprised us!  It was way fun.

Wow! What a fun night.


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