Friday, June 24, 2011

A taste it shall be....

Raider Dias is FINALLY here!!!
.born. 6/16/11
.time. 4:31 am

.story to follow.



Skye loved that she could ride the rides by herself.
But she loved riding them with others even more!

Here, Robbie is prepping her for how much her tummy is going to tickle.  
She is so cute, she loves the rides that take her stomach, even though hers is real sensitive.  
What a doll!
There it goes!

Dav just loved hanging out with all of us!

Nope, I'm not on that ride.
Someone had to watch the kids!  ;)
Wouldn't do it anyway, I hate this ride.
Once, Robbie had to carry me onto the one on the Stratosphere in Vegas.
That story for another time...

Love this picture!

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Tired BABY

This is how I found Skye after a long day of playing.  She was coloring a picture, and crashed.  She still has the brown crayon in her hand.  The green one is on the floor by the chair.  Poor thing!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Robbie's Birthday

Robbie's birthday started out pretty normal. 
wake up. 

 Then... Not so normal.
We went to Sand Hollow to do some boating, and guess who was there!?!
It was a way overcast day, so there was no one on the lake.  They had the whole crew over on the beach.  We went over and talked to them for a bit.  They made sure that we knew not to tell anyone they were here.  They have a show in Vegas Saturday, so they stopped here for a few days to do some shooting for the show.  We watched them do a stunt on the beach later on in the day.  Travis skimmed his motorcycle on the water for about 100 yards.  It was pretty sweet!  The pictures are rough because we were watching from the boat.  Sweet video though.  The boys were in heaven, and the dudes from Nitro Circus were pretty chill.
 Streetbike Tommy and the Roner
 Who hates being 9 months pregnant in this picture?!?!  I haven't really posted any belly pictures, but I couldn't get out of posting these!
Special Greg.
What else can I say?
He is the boys' hero on the show.
Seriously the fave.
 Jumps for another stunt!  They also greased the hillside and launched Streetbike Tommy into the lake.
 Birthday Boy!!!


 Looks like a ton of fun, but seriously everyone who got in the water is so brave because it was FREEZING!
Love you so much Babe!  Hope you had an awesome day!


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