Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Pre-School

I feel like a real mom!  Today was the first day of pre-school for Skye.  She has been so excited for so long.  It was really fun waking up early and getting her ready.  Maybe I'm heartless, but I wasn't sad!  I was actually really excited.  I know that she is going to love school.   All of the coloring, projects, snacktime, toys and friends are right up her ally.  I taught at the pre-school a year before last, so I know all about it, and it's great.  That really helps with peace of mind when you are sending your first born off into the world to be educated by someone else!  It went great, and she loved it.  After school, I asked her what she learned, and she said, "We don't step on the toys!"  She also said, "Miss Lori said, 'I'm a CRRAAAZY teacher.' isn't that funny mom that my teacher said that?"  How would it be to be 3 again?


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