Monday, February 28, 2011

What do we do when we go to the cabin???

February 2011

KILL COYOTES WITH OUR SNOWMOBILES...ssssshhhhh don't tell! They "accidentally" hit it with their snowmobiles.  The first night we got there, not more than 10 minutes after unloading everything, the boys said, "We are just going to go gas up the snowmobiles for tomorrow."  Innocent enough, they came home an hour later with their trophy.  Probably had to gas up again first thing in the morning :) This is a seriously huge dog!
Turn on the Ipod and DANCE for hours....literally hours!  
It may not look like it, but those are ALL 
very sophisticated dance moves.
PLAY VIRGINIA.   I think these two practice when no one 
is watching!  They are good!
 PLAY IN THE SNOW So Paul being Paul thought it would
be fun to jump into the snow on the deck from
Dan and Star's Deck!

RRRRREAD SOME BOOKS (spanish accent)


Skye Dill @ 4

These pictures are CLASSIC SKYE.
She is so much fun these days.
Such a cute personality.
Love her.

She is the biggest help with her little sister.
She seriously loves Davyn to death.
I couldn't ask for a better babysitter, 
her brother is in for a real treat.
She is so excited every morning to wake up and find out what we're doing that's fun.
So much like her dad in that way.
He will come home and she will tell him that we did nothin fun today.
Not true, we went to the park, and ran errands
not fun enough.
She is great, because I we do more fun things than we probably would have otherwise.
Skye loves to "stay up"
to her, that means watch tv till Mom and Dad go to bed.
We will be out till 10-11 or later, and when we get home and need to go to bed
she will be sad because we told her she could stay up.
She is such a party animal.
She likes to watch tv at night with us because she is a serious snuggler.
Hope she never grows out of it.

Loves to help out in the kitchen.
If I offer to have her help, she never turns me down.
She is getting really good at cleaning her room. 
When I do laundry, I fold their stuff, and lay in a pile the things that need to be hung up
she takes care of it all!
I think she will be glad when Dav can help though.  
For now she isn't complaining.

She is our movie buff.
You can quote a movie, and she can tell you what it's from.
Some of her favorite movies right now are Hook, Little Monsters, Never Ending Story 2
and The Labrynth.
Since she was little we have taken her to the theaters with us, so she is great.
When we ask her what she wants to do she will say,
"We could go to a movie, or play soccer, or go to the park"  
Movie is always at the top of her list.
We saw Tangled for her birthday, and ever since, she talks about how she is going to 
brush her hair all the time so she can have hair like Tangled.  She talks about how when 
she gets up in the morning she will be eating breakfast, and her hair will still be in her bed.

She seriously says some of the cutest things.  
I need to be better about writing them down.
Today's was:

"Hey Mom, do you think my voice is cute?"

Love you Skye

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not sure if 3 is the right age to start soccer..........

So, we signed the kids up for soccer. This is the first year we could.  It was fun, frustrating, silly, embarrassing, and mostly just fun.  They had a blast.  I'm not sure much skill was acquired, but they thought they were pretty cool!
 The Spectators.........kissing cousins
 The scary pep talk from DAD
 The inspiring words from Coach Stari (what do you say to 3 year olds?)
Favorite part of soccer!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shop Till You Drop! 2010

   Ok, so the trip starts on a Thursday night at Midnight!  We drive through the night to California.  So, this is what everyone is doing at about 7:45 am. Mom don't kill me for posting this picture!
Aunt Elaine, Mom, Me.  Looking gorgeous after primping on the bus.  Love it.  We are pumping each other for this day in THE ALLEY
 HOLY COW!  I couldn't imagine a better day!  We were beat!  Let me get something straight, we could have shopped the alley a few more hours, but hauling all the goods into our hotel room was hard work!
 The Bag Lady - Seriously though, everyone is too cute not to buy!
 The Loot ............From the first day!
 rings. $1.  My mom bought these for Christmas gifts to all of her YW.
 Don't worry, we each bought this many, and two times more the next day.  You can't have enough sunglasses!
 Awesome evening at PF Chang's, then shopping at the mall!
 Ok, the story behind this picture is AWESOME!  You bring a whole bunch of one dollar bills, and we have a drawing every couple of hours.  Everyone on the bus (53) puts in a dollar and then they draw out a name!  Lookie Who Won!
 Pooped after shopping all day at the Swap Meet.  Ready to head home...not really, just ready for the biggest Diet Coke you can imagine!
Never got a picture outside the bus.............who am I kidding, I am just showing off my new sunglasses!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines 2011

For Valentine's Day this year we rented a sweet Limo and rode all over town!  We got dinner, but mostly just played in the limo while we drove around.  I don't know if I've ever laughed as hard as I did that night!  I wish we would have taken a picture of our driver BOB he was fabulous!  We were all waiting for him to pick us up, and he drove right past.  When he finally got there, he took a group picture of us at the beginning of the night outside of our limo.  First I had to help him turn the camera around so it wasn't upside down, and then after the picture was 'taken' we checked it out, and there was no picture!  He was a riot all night, missing several turns, and just making the Bob comments that he did!  It really just made it that much more fun!
Don't worry, that's just Sparkling Cider!  But we all acted like it had aLcOhOl. 

You would think by this picture that it really was Champagne.

Thank you guys for making the night so memorable!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Contest 2010

Since Skye won the baby Contest when she was this age, we figured it was only fair to give Dav a shot at the title!  She stood on Robbie's hand just like Skye did and just smiled huge.  It would have been fun to have them in the same outfit. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Halloween 2010

Never never again will I attempt to make all of our costumes!  Ok, maybe if I start months in advance...but if I do that, I will change my mind (Robbie will change his) at least 3 times!  I bought the fabric 3 weeks before Halloween.  Started Robbie and Skye's on Thursday night.  I forgot that Skye would be wearing hers to Pre-School on Friday, and Robbie to work.  So Thursday night - all night, I was sewing.  I literally sewed till 6 am.  When I went to bed till 7am.   I had to make 3 pair of pants for Robbie because the first pair drowned him, and the second pair made him look like "Chief Mooseknuckle"  Is that appropriate?  :)  I made 2 dresses for Skye because the first one was too small.  Wow, the whole measure twice cut once really hit home for me.  And so they were done.  I really liked them, but I wasn't about to make one for Davyn and me.  I told Robbie we weren't dressing up.  He said we had to, so I made our dresses super simple!  It ended up being fun to SAY that I had made them, but it wasn't fun making them.

It's official, I can't make a serious face without looking furious!
Due June 30


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